About Us

Green Eagle Logistics is a marketplace that serves a retail customer base. It offers products that span various categories including motherboards, computer parts, power supplies and so much more. 

GEL provides Asset Recovery and Resource Management through the acquisition, processing, and distribution of Industrial and Automation equipment using commerce and technology. Here is the list of other services below; we source for tools to solve challenging engineering tasks. 

Our platform is designed with you, “our users” in mind. Our goal is to make every shopping experience, a “wow “one; by focusing on simplicity, convenience, and efficiency, we are always seeking ways improve your shopping experience. 

Our support team are always ready to help make your shopping journey easy. Green Eagle Logistics is your number one (1) shopping destination everything industrial… 


a. Repairs:  With full-testing verification, and load testing when necessary, and available 24-hour emergency service, we refurbish and repair your electronic and industrial equipment. We provide all-inclusive and thorough repair services and solutions for manufacturers as well as new, refurbished, and obsolete equipment. 
b. Transportation: You can count on us to deliver reliable and high-quality transport and logistics solutions. We are high-volume, time-sensitive shippers that demand time-definite delivery. We do not only meet all your criteria; we also provide outstanding service at great rates. 
c. Consignment: Let’s help you sell out your industrial products without stress. We help you sell, saving you time, space and money. We operate on a consignment model and sell items through our marketplace and third-party platforms.


Our vision to be an economic force through commerce and technology.